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Capital is essential for every business’s success. Our mission is to help our customers quickly and efficiently finance their capital investments. Financing critical assets require speed, know-how, and execution. Our experienced team and streamlined financing process will deliver results. Depending on your company’s intended use for these assets, we will help determine the best finance option to help achieve your long-term goals.

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Industries Served

Media & Entertainment

Our team has specialized in financing for the Media & Entertainment industry for the last 20 years. We know the industry and the equipment required to create, edit, produce and store content. Whether it’s subscription software, high end computing workstations, cameras, networked storage or production gear we’ve financed it all. Our expertise and familiarity allow us to provide intelligent solutions quickly and efficiently.


Technology is constantly changing and improving. Firms must make necessary upgrades to stay competitive, offer relevant services, and be efficient. Lion Technology Finance’s financing solutions for technology will allow firms to quickly integrate new and emerging technology. We can provide financing for a wide spectrum of assets from network switches to cloud-based software. Our leasing services help to guard against obsolescence and rising competition. Our deep expertise in financing IT assets allows us to understand the challenges of financing complex technology rollouts, and our team of professionals are well poised to navigate, structure, and execute when you are acquiring technology assets.


Software is no longer delivered in a box. Cloud Computing Companies are increasingly moving their software offerings to a subscription-based model, SaaS. Our team has financed over $1.0 billion in SaaS related transactions over the last decade. We understand SaaS and provide creative payment solutions to meet those needs quickly and efficiently. We offer 12, 24, or 36-month term options along with quarterly and annual payment options as well. Additionally, we can bundle managed services, training and support into our loans.


Manufacturing industries are undergoing massive changes with the rise of artificial intelligence, robotics, and 3D printing. Manufacturing firms looking to succeed in an ever-changing market must rely on leasing as a preferred method to acquire new manufacturing systems. Lion Technology Finance offers an array of leasing services and options to allow firms to take advantage of changing manufacturing markets. Our financing programs accommodate customized terms to allow capital assets to pay for themselves over time allowing firms to preserve capital and be positioned for long-term success.


Technology products and services to enhance the player and fan experience is rapidly growing. Our team is well versed in financing technologies that can transform player and fan engagement. We are well versed in the complex rollouts of new technologies in a dynamic environment and understand the importance of execution. Our deep expertise allows us to provide total project financing encompassing not only the physical assets but the intangibles (i.e. engineering, consulting, and maintenance fees).

Life Sciences

Healthcare and biotechnology firms are rapidly expanding as new technology allows for advancements in the quality of life. For continued growth and advancement, firms in the life sciences must acquire new assets to innovate. Lion Technology Finance can provide financing for a varied collection of assets from lab equipment to clean room build-outs. Lion Technology Finance’s expertise in the life sciences industry helps us understand the complexities of the technologies and implementation of of these assets for your firm.